On December 1st 1999, at the 23rd meeting of its World Heritage Committee, UNESCO unanimously decided that the 17th-century Beemster Polder is henceforth designated a Worlds Heritage site. The Committee referred to the Beemster Polder as a masterpiece of creative planning, in which the 17th-century ideals can still be seen in the design of the landscape. The reclamation was completed in 1612. The new land was 3,5 metres (11 feet) below sea level and turned out to be fertile clay. It was parcelled out  in a rectangular grid, reflecting the 17th- century ideal of the harmonious relationship between man and his environment. The long rectangular plots, which were leased to arable- and stock farmers were 185 metres wide and 930 metres long. The windmills that kept the Beemster dry have been removed and replaced by pumping-stations; the country seats of the rich merchants have gone. Still there are the “cheese-cover” farmhouses, the magnificent views and a unique quiet atmosphere. The Beemster Bed & Breakfast Beemster The Beemster Pictures of The Beemster Clouidy skies, dark skies, this is the beauty of Th Beemster. e mail: info@bbbeemster.nl